Design Service

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The Design Service is the basis of and the footings upon which the success of your project sits.This is the stage where all the components of the project are considered and built upon.

We take great pride in our work and have a wealth of past clients who will be happy to share their positive experience with you.

All of our work starts with a Design….

The way we move forward at Landscraft involves the following stages;
  • Once on site , together we will work out what it is you want to do , any input you may need and how much, approximately, it will cost.This may well take the form of an informal discussion but I will be attempting to uncover underlying needs. At this initial meeting a basic outline of the project will be formed along with estimated costs associated with the process.If you would like to progress into the PLANNING STAGE you will be asked to sign our DESIGN OUTLINE AGREEMENT. This agreement backs up the estimates aforementioned and protects all parties from cost variations and unfocused drafts being undertaken.I aim to make these estimates as accurate as possible so that you can tailor the design to your budget.
  • Second visit for detailed site evaluation.I generally bring my draftsman and raw data is collected, distances and heights calculated etc.
  • With this information we  put together a preliminary plan.
  • You will then be contacted and this first draft will be considered.
  • This may be the conclusion of the design phase or a second draft may be necessary.
  • The  finished drawings will then be used as the basis for a quotation and be submitted to council if required.

In the event of you proceeding with Landscraft to have the work done , a deposit of 6.5 % of total contract value is requested prior to commencement and a further 43.5% on the day work starts. Further progressive payments may be required during the life time of the project with the balance due on completion. Variations on this arrangement are always considered.

Marcus Burt (Proprietor; LANDSCRAFT.)

Landscraft Construction.