Shown here are the capillary pipes that distribute water beneath lawn. A system such as this will use about a seventh as much water as a pop up sprinkler system.

This lawn has a sub surface watering system beneath the soil.

Travertine style Pavîng

Custom built PATIO.

Custom built OUTDOOR SHOWER with hot and cold water.

Custom made gate to suit front panel work



Installation of POOL and SURROUNDS.

Installation of POOL and SUROUNDS.

Below are a random collection of photos taken over the years.These are of various jobs done in a variety of situations and hopefully will be of interst.They demonstrate the diversity in terms of situations and materials that we use.

various 315

various 314

various 313

various 312

various 311

various 310

various 309

various 308

various 307

various 306

various 305

various 304

various 303

various 302

various 301

various 300

various 299

various 298

various 297

various 296

various 295

various 294

various 293

various 292

various 294